The INSANITY Workout Routine/Diet Plan:

A wide range of individuals each year try their best to lose weight. Some individuals tend to go to the gym five days and week hoping to see results; however others just try to do their best by eating healthy. As long as you work hard enough you are bound to get the results you were looking for, but some of us just don’t have the patience to wait as long. If you are someone who is committed to putting in the work to get the body they deserve, and are willing to work through the hardest workouts, then the INSANITY workout routine is exactly what you need. I am sure a wide range of you are unaware of what the INSANITY workout routine is, therefore we will be looking at what it is, what it entails, and what the INSANITY routine diet plan includes.


What is the INSANITY workout routine?

The INSANITY workout is a workout that requires individuals to work their hardest through a 45 minute workout session. This particular routine can be done in the comfort of your own home using the INSANITY workout routine DVD.

In order to get the perfect body, it can take up to a year before you see any major changes. However, Shaun T, the creator of this workout, decided it was time to come up with a method that will make you achieve your dream body in just 60 days. It sounds crazy but it is definitely achievable as over one million women and men around the world has used this workout routine and each and every one of them got the results they were hoping for.

It is no secret that the INSANITY workout routine is the hardest workout you will ever experience. It is completely different to all other workout you have ever done. Throughout most workout routine, you are given a break throughout sessions to catch your breath again or have a glass of water. However with the INSANITY workout, the only break you get taking a gulp of air and you are straight back to work. This is to ensure your body has the ability to adapt to the new workout. As long as you continue to work in 3-5 minute blocks throughout your workout and only take a very small break, you are guaranteed to see results in 60 days.

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The INSANITY routine diet plan:

Just like any workout routine, there is always going to be a diet plan you must follow throughout. The INSANITY workout routine is no different as there is a particular diet plan you must follow as long as you are participating in this workout. Due to this particular workout lasting a total of 60 days, it is important that you are eating the right meals in order to keep your body healthy and safe throughout.

The nutrition guide that is included with this workout routine is specially designed to work on both men and women, as well as those who may be used to eating healthy or those who depend on processed foods and sugars to help them throughout the day. Therefore, no matter what type of meal plan you had before this workout, this diet plan will still work.

Overall, the nutrition guide recommends eating a total of five meals per day. These meals are not too small and not too big, they are the right proportion for this workout. Each meal that is mentioned will contain approximately the same amount of calories. They each contain 40% calories, 40% carbohydrates, and 20% fats.

Month one of the workout diet plan is completely different to month two. Throughout the first month, as I have said it is highly recommended that you eat five meals per days. Each meal must be eaten every few hours, for example:

Meal One: Breakfast Time.

Meal Two: Mid-Morning Snack.

Meal Three: Lunch Time.

Meal Four: Afternoon Snack.

Meal Five: Dinner.


As long as you follow this guide line you will be fine. In term of food, the nutrition guide will give you ten options for each meal. Below is a list of examples of what they can be. The full list will not be mentioned however here is a small selection:

Meal One:

- Proatmeal.

- Fruit and cottage cheese.

- Bagel and lox.

- Berry protein smoothies.

- Egg white breakfast wrap.


Meal Two:

- Vanilla-Berry protein shake.

- Turkey BLT.

- Deli sandwich.

- Protein omelet.

- Yogurt bowl.


Meal Three:

- Sushi.

- Grilled chicken salad.

- Roast beef sandwich.

- Teriyaki grilled tuna.

- Lean burger.


Meal Four:

- Tuna salad in a tomato.

- Cold cut platter.

- INSANITY special sandwich nut butter and jelly.

- Turkey lettuce wrap and bean salad.

- Shrimp cocktail platter.


Meal Five:

- Dinner omelet.

- Chicken meatballs.

- Steak with broccoli.

- Turkey burger.

- Pasta with seafood marinara.


In relation to month two, it is important that you add a range of complex carbohydrates to the meal plans you have chosen to have throughout this workout. Each of the meal plans that were mentioned above should be eaten throughout the second month. Below is a list of complex carbs you should add to your daily meal plans. It is important that as you begin your second month that you should start with one complex carb, then overtime it can be increased to up to 3 complex carbs per day.

The complex carbs will be mentioned as followed;

  •   1-cup of cooked corn.
  • - 1 small baked potato with skin.
  • - 1 whole wheat English muffin.
    - 1 small baked sweet potato.
    - 1 slice of whole grain bread.
    - 1 100 calorie whole grain dinner roll.
    - 1 cup of whole wheat couscous.
    - 1 cup of brown rice.
    - 1 cup of whole wheat pasta.
    - 1 cup of barley.
    - 2/3 cup of whole grain high fibre breakfast cereal.
    - 1 large orange or small banana.
    - 1 cup canned beans.
    - 2/3 cup of cooked oatmeal.

After you have completed the 60 day INSANITY workout routine, it is important that you continue to eat healthy therefore each of the meals and complex carbs mentioned above can still be part of your daily meal plan.

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